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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 23, 2016 9:12am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

The solution is excruciatingly simple, we have already addressed this issue in our INFOPORTAL. We spend the effort to even shave a tenth of a second from the opening of our pages.It does not require hard work, only consideration of the difficulties others may have visiting your site. We began with the proposition that our users would be exactly the types which you are referring to. This is really money or resources well spent since an increasing number of our internet population accesses the web over WiFi connections which may not be the fastest or most stable connections. Our brokerage business ran into similar problems because most of our users have to access the Internet over sub-par connections. We had no problem doing this so I do not see what the problem with the Archive people doing the same thing. Or at least let a group of us run a second web access which is geared towards the groups which you and I are concerned about. Still no answer. My complaint is less with the inaction, which I have learned to find endemic in almost all large organizations, but more so with the refusal to give reasons why they refuse to listen.


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